All the artists who love ANIME from whole world come here!
And well known Japanese ANIME song artists will be here for them!!

This app will be used in the Haneda International Anime Music Festival!!
This app will connect all artists, events and attenders in real world.

A new function called "Congestion information" will make it possible for users
to know the congestion status of the events immediately! And also make it possible
to move smoothly in the event place.

The app will inform you the important schedule that you register.
Never missed up with your favorite artists!!

You will have chances to receive presents by enjoying the game!!

"The newest information will be uploaded in real time!!
This is the app that you really need!!"


そのHaneda International Anime Music Festival で活躍するのがこのアプリ!!

会場内の混雑具合が一目でわかる「混雑情報モード」を搭載! 会場内の移動もスムーズに。



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